WADCO (Area Development)

The Williamsfield Area Development Corporation (“WADCO”) was formed in 1991 as a group of individuals & businessmen looking to better the community of Williamsfield & surrounding areas, in terms of population & economics. It’s initial goals were listed as “bettering the enrollment of the C.U.S.D., addressing potential economic decline & resources within the community, and encouraging new businesses & service organizations.” From these initial goals, WADCO continues to build upon these and have added some additional goals, like beautification efforts within the community and facilitating new job and business placement.

Some successful projects:

-WADCO has been responsible for the advertisement & sales of 3 different housing developments in the community, with the third developed in 2009 & still progressing. See “LOTS AVAILABLE” link on main page.
-The organization has been utilized also for grant funding & was a key part in the community constructing a new Legion hall & new convenience store in 2004-2005.
-WADCO purchased new “Welcome to Williamsfield” signs in 2009, & continues to try to improve & encourage the “curb appeal” of our community.
-WADCO continues to map the community & surrounding areas for available homes for sale or rent, as well as business sites for sale or lease.

The mission of our organization is constantly being updated & revised. In the 90’s, the objective was to bring new families to the community while maintaining the strength of local businesses. Our emphasis is one for still bringing in new families (& children for the local school district), but also for encouraging/incubating new businesses, helping to beautify the parks & downtown area, & otherwise revitalizing our community & its residents. We remain proud in our community’s accomplishments & encourage our residents & supporters to feel the same! WADCO meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month at the Williamsfield American Legion at 7pm. Meetings are open to the public & visitors are welcome & encouraged. Annual membership dues are $10 for supporters, $100 for businesses (with a membership, businesses are provided a website or link on Williamsfield.org).